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registered 501(c)(3) non-profit

Why ‘Israel, The People of Eternity’

Stands Out

Since October 7th, Israeli citizens have founded tens of organizations, based on volunteers, to fight for Israel's existence. Unfortunately, most organizations do not have a legal pathway to accept foreign donations. ITPE channels funds to these entities.ITPE channels funds to these entities.

About us

We're a group of Israeli entrepreneurs who care, we have come together from various sectors of the industry with the top priority being the safety of our friends and families — the Israeli people. We've combined an extensive network of decision-makers, donors, manufacturers, and suppliers to address both the urgent needs of the crisis and long-term rehabilitation.

Israel’s current crisis requires  immediate action 

On the morning of October 7, 2023, during the Simchat Torah holiday, Israel was subjected to a horrifying attack. Terrorists infiltrated from Gaza and massacred over 1300 civilians. Thousands were left injured, and 200 people, including children and the elderly, were taken hostage. The attack is still ongoing, and Israel is in a state of emergency!

Your contribution will provide vital medical gear for soldiers and citizens, critical aid for farmers, and essential supplies for affected families, from food and clothes to baby products. As the crisis persists, remaining funds will address mental health needs and aid in rebuilding homes damaged by the conflict.

The Israeli people urgently need your support. Donate now to save lives and help survivors rebuild.







Why Donate?

A terrorist attack of unprecedented scale was carried out by Hamas terrorists on October 7th. Over a 1300 people were murdered, thousands more are injured. More than 200 people were abducted to Gaza.


Tens of thousands living in the area adjacent to Gaza were evacuated to safety. They left with little beyond the clothes on their backs. Traumatized, they’ll need to rebuild their lives from the ground up.


360,000 reserve troops were called up to defend the country, leaving behind their jobs and families. They need life saving supplies to make sure they return safely.

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We will use it for
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Food & Shelter

Provide short term assistance with housing, food and clothing to the tens of thousands of people forced to evacuate from their homes.

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Assist the affected communities to rebuild their homes, and get long term mental health support to process and heal from the trauma.

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Life-saving Supplies

360,000 reserve troops were called to defend the country, leaving behind their jobs and families. They need life saving supplies to make sure they return safely.

Support us

Your contributions will support non-profit organizations that are on the front lines, providing aid to those affected by this tragedy.


Phone Call

Israel Office
+972 52 (743) 0954

US Office
+1 (914) 396 8317



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Bank Transfer

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  • What is the mission of ITPE?
    To provide immediate and long-term support to Israeli families, soldiers, and citizens affected by crises, through a centralized platform for global donations.
  • How are donations used?
    Donations are channeled to vetted and verified non-profit organizations in Israel that operate across diverse sectors. Think of us as a "Seal of Approval" for Israeli non-profits. Our team rigorously reviews each association to ensure they meet our standards before funds are transferred to them.
  • How can I be sure my donation is being used effectively?
    We provide regular updates and financial reports on our website to show how funds are being allocated and utilized.
  • What are the administration fees?
    0 Administration Fees. Not charging any fees, we make sure every donation goes straight to the people who lost everything.
  • Can I get a tax receipt for my donation?
    Absolutely, all donations are US tax-deductible with 501(c)(3) non-profit. A receipt will be sent to you for your records.
  • Will my money be used to buy weapons?
    No. We supply protective gear, medicine and sustenance only.
  • Where will my donation be sent to?
    The Charidy Foundation, a 501C exempt NPO, is collecting the funds and they will be distributed to ITPE in Israel.
  • How can I get involved besides donating?
    You can volunteer, become a corporate sponsor, or help us spread the word about our mission and activities.
  • How do you ensure transparency?
    We are committed to transparency and accountability. All our financial statements are available for public review upon request.
  • How can I stay updated on your activities?
    follow us on social media or visit our website for regular updates.
  • I have a large donor in the United States and need to transfer their donation to a specific association in Israel. Can I use ITPE to facilitate this transfer?
    Yes, you can absolutely use ITPE to facilitate the transfer of funds from the United States to a specific association in Israel. We are set up to handle such transactions and ensure that the donation reaches its intended destination securely and efficiently.


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