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Save Lives Israel: Frontline First Aid

Help us furnish our soldiers and first responders with essential, life-saving first aid gear.

About Us

Peace and blessings to all supporters of Israel around the world,

In these hours, when the heart is heavy and the concern is great, we turn to you with a call for unity and support. With deadly and ongoing terrorist attacks on the land of Israel, we are being asked to do more than pray - we are being asked to act.

On the battlefield, our soldiers are subject to inexhaustible dangers. Serious injuries, especially bleeding, can lead to loss of life if not treated immediately. The hemostatic bandages that we can issue are a critical link in the fight for the lives of those who fight on the front lines and guard our home.

Our commitment to providing essential and immediate first aid is critical to saving lives. Each of your donations adds to this great effort, and together, with the help of your donation, we can ensure that every soldier and first responder receives the urgent and life-saving care he needs in an emergency.

This is the time to show that we are together in heart and soul with the defenders of the State of Israel. Join us in the circle of supporters who help enable every soldier to return home safely.

Together, we will strengthen the hands of those who fight on the front lines of the defense of our values and our common home. Your donation is not just money - it conveys hope, strength and resilience.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for every donation and every action you take for this noble cause.

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