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Judith & Shmuel Waiss

Support the Waiss family in honoring the memory of Judith and Shmuel Waiss

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About Us

We are Waiss family from Kibbutz Beeri that located in proximity to Gaza.
At the dark morning of October 7. Our Kibbutz was brutally attacked by Hamas terrorists. My father, Shmuel Waiss, put up a fight with his gun, but was ruthlessly massacred by the terrorists.
On that same black Saturday, my dear mother Judith Waiss, aged 65, a five time grandmother, battling breast cancer, was kidnapped from our family home by those same Hamas terrorists, and taken to Gaza where they later slaughtered her.
We are establishing a fund to commemorate the late Judith and Shmulik (Shmuel) in order to preserve their memory, together with all the friends and family they loved so much.
As part of the fund, we will build a scenic nature spot. There will be a yearly event to celebrate their lives. We look forward to your participation.
Thank you,
Waiss family.
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