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We accelerate mental health services for Israelis touched by the 2023 acts of terror

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Not all scars from wars are evident. The "Israel-2024" initiative emerges from the very heart of the conflict, with a focus on healing the unseen wounds of the soul. While numerous international philanthropic endeavors address immediate needs like food, shelter, and clothing, we bring to light another pressing concern: the often-overlooked mental and emotional trauma endured by soldiers and civilians alike.

We proudly collaborate with Natal, a non-profit established in 1998, dedicated to supporting those psychologically affected by acts of terror or warfare. Natal offers unparalleled care to both military personnel and civilians, acting as a beacon for training, preventive measures, and as a hub for advancing trauma awareness within Israeli society.

Our ambition goes beyond mere immediate aid. We are committed to forging a resilient mental health framework for the community, ensuring consistent, sustainable, and accessible support. In these turbulent times, our mission is to bolster the countless Israelis who, due to the ongoing conflict, may bear psychological scars for life.

This is more than a project; it's a heartfelt plea to recognize the paramount importance of mental wellness alongside physical recovery. We urge you to join us on this pivotal journey of transformation. With your backing, we can establish pillars of hope, peace, and stability. Stand with "Israel-2024" and be the beacon of hope in our darkest hours.

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