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Daniela & Tosca

Support Daniela & Tosca in providing hot meals and treats to soldiers and displaced families.

About Us

Daniela Uziel, a loving baker, and Tosca, a venue in Petah-Tikva, have joined forces in these challenging times of war. We've rallied a team of kind volunteers, all united in our mission to wrap our soldiers in comfort and care, providing them with everything from hot meals and sweet baked treats to essential items like socks and underwear.

But our circle of love doesn't end there. We've also been delivering cookies, cakes, and other delightful treats to the families who have had to leave their homes and are now staying in hotels.
Our list of soldiers and families we wish to support continues to grow. While our hearts are filled with the desire to help, our hands are tied without the necessary funds to buy ingredients and packaging.
This is where we need your help.

Your generous donations will be the lifeline that keeps this operation going. They will allow us to continue spreading joy and comfort to our brave soldiers facing uncertainty and to the families who have been through so much already.

Please, open your hearts and help us keep this flame of compassion burning bright. Every penny counts and brings us one step closer to ensuring that not one soldier or family feels alone in these tough times.

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