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Battalion 7663

Support Battalion 7663's Vital Re-equipment. Your contribution makes a crucial difference!

About Us

On October 7, Nimrod Palmach, a 39-year-old reservist, responded to the October 7 massacre by racing south armed only with a pistol to join the fight. Despite initial orders to join his search-and-rescue unit in Jerusalem, Nimrod went south after learning about the attacks. When encountering the attack's aftermath, Nimrod and his friends came under fire and engaged in heavy fighting with the terrorist. Despite being shot in the chest, a borrowed bulletproof vest saved him.

He had a close connection to the Gaza Envelop's communities and received a desperate call from his ex-wife about her boyfriend and children trapped at Kibbutz Nir Oz.

Nimrod, along with special forces and paratroopers, successfully halted the Hamas attack on Alumim, killing 27 terrorists. They later went to Be’eri, where they witnessed gruesome scenes of violence, including rapes and mass killings. Nimrod evacuated families and realized that Hamas had taken hundreds of people to Gaza.

Now back on the frontlines after these harrowing experiences, Nimrod, part of the elite Sajeret Matkal unit (סיירת מטכ״ל) currently operating in Gaza, volunteers also for Search and Rescue Unit, Battalion 7663 facing an urgent equipment shortfall of 20,000 ILS ($5.5K).

Call for Support:
Nimrod's team urgently requires essentials like flashlights, night vision gear, and winter equipment. Your donation ensures they have the tools for their life-saving mission. Support these heroes risking everything for the safety of the state of Israel. Contribute now and be a part of making a difference in combating terrorism

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