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Don't abandon them, $80 separates between life and death

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A well-fed baby is a healthy baby!
There are 26,000 hungry babies between the ages of 0 and 1, and the war is raging. The phones won't stop ringing.
Single mothers who are trapped in this nightmare, without milk substitutes, without diapers, without basic equipment for their babies.
Their situation was difficult even before, but now it is an emergency!

We must not leave any baby hungry!
With the help of thousands of volunteers across the country, we have established an emergency control center to assist babies from the Gaza envelope and the southern settlements.
We have set a goal for ourselves not to abandon any hungry baby in the war. With your donations and our amazing volunteers, we are purchasing, packing and delivering emergency packages for babies.
For a cost of $80, each baby receives milk substitutes, diapers, soap, ointments, bottles, and pacifiers that will last for an entire month!

Every donation is a step towards saving lives.
For every package that goes out, there is a name, the name of a baby who stays alive for another month.

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Worldwide Donations

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