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Remembering The Fallen Stars of YAMAM

Join us in honoring the memory of the fallen YAMAM Heroes and supporting their children's future.

In the devastating event of October 7th, the Jewish nation experienced the most tragic day since the Holocaust, losing over 1200 citizens, including women, the elderly, and infants, in less than 12 hours.  

The first to respond, the YAMAM (Israel's National Counter Terror Unit) dispatched their men without hesitation. These brave individuals fought tirelessly on main roads, settlements, and Kibbutzim, enduring heavy losses.  

Tragically, 9 operators paid the ultimate price, while 40 were injured. These heroes defended Israel without hesitation for hours before backup arrived, eliminating over 200 terrorists.  

Regrettably, they left behind children who lost their parents not to battle but to a senseless act of violence. It is our sacred duty to remember their sacrifice. 

We aim to establish a fund for each one of their children to ensure their independence, education, and well-being, providing them with an economic safety net when they reach adulthood. 

We’ve partnered with ITPE in order to provide a deductible tax receipt for USA donors. (registered 501(c)(3) non-profit). 

Please make sure you choose TEAM 7 - Resilient Stars of YAMAM. 

By supporting them, you are providing these children with both a financial boost and the emotional embrace they need to embark on their adult journey with added confidence, enabling them to pursue their dreams. 

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