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One Family

October 7th brought disaster upon our nation. Our goal is to help the victims’ families and loved ones with their immediate needs, and to raise public awareness for the return of the hostages.

On October 7, thousands of Hamas terrorists raided the Israeli border, brutally slaughtering, torturing, raping and kidnapping women, babies, children, elderly, and entire families. As of today there are 240 hostages held by Hamas and many others are missing. While we can not contain our grief, we can use it to drive our actions.

Join us to help those affected by this tragedy, including families of kidnapping victims, and those who have no clarity on where their families even are, some of whom are holding vigil night and day outside the Ministry of Defense in Tel Aviv, asking the world to help bring their families back. Individuals and organizations are uniting to support all of the relatives who are devastated and helpless in this situation.


100% of donations will go directly to the needs of the hostages' families and loved ones, and to others in Israel who have been devastated by this war. Our efforts are completely volunteer based. These include covering logistical expenses, activities for children, misplaced families and groups with special needs, and basic necessities that arise every day. It is important to note that a great effort is made to source all supplies and services at the lowest cost possible.

 Help us bring some light to the people who are suffering through unimaginable terror, bring awareness to this horrid situation, in the most optimal and visible way. Most importantly, help bring these families back together as soon as possible.

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