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Hasadi Eliyahu

"Hasadi Eliyahu" is a non-profit organization that operates year-round. The organization operates a mobile cart on Mount Herzl, providing food and drink to bereaved families and funeral attendees. In addition, it donates equipment and food to soldiers in the field and assists bereaved families with initial support in the form of equipment and hot meals.

The "Hasadi Eliyahu" organization operates in several areas during the "Iron Sword" operation:

Mount Herzl's mobile canteen: We decided to establish a mobile canteen where we provide, at no cost, drinks and sandwiches to bereaved families arriving for the funerals of their loved ones, to friends, soldiers, and everyone who comes to pay their last respects to our war heroes.

Donation of equipment and food to soldiers in the field: The organization works with authorized and officials in the army to provides equipment and hot meals to various bases across the country.

Assistance to bereaved families: We adopt bereaved families who have lost their loved ones and their homes and assist them with initial responses, including basic equipment they lack, hot food, and more.

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