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Friends Of Warriors

The Friends of Warriors organization was formed at the beginning of the war's to provide our troops with essential missing equipment. Our supply chain, which communicates directly with each unit's logistics officer, has effectively delivered food (including Sabbath meals), thermal wear, tactical equipment, and other items to various units across Israel in the last month.

The Friends of Warriors organization was created in the beginning of the war to help supply our  soldiers with the necessary equipment they were missing. We have established an efficient method of supplying units that allows us to correspond directly with the logistic officer in each unit. In the past month we have supplied everything from food (including shabat meals), thermal clothing, tactical gear and more - to various units all over Israel. All of this is only possible because of your ongoing support. Unfortunately, the war is not over yet and our work is not done. We ask that you continue to help us support our soldiers while they protect Israel.

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